Fundrise - $25 Bonus [real estate]

Download the Fundrise App and invest in private real estate.

  • Now you can diversify outside of the public markets with private real estate, allowing you to reduce risk and improve stability.
  • The fees you pay affect your bottom line. Our proprietary software helps us reduce costs, which means we can charge lower fees, so you can maximize your returns.
  • Unlike most private real estate investments, our low minimums give you the flexibility to invest the right amount, at the right time, to meet your goals.
  • Invest and manage your portfolio through our easy-to-use website and mobile app. Track your performance and watch as properties across the country are acquired, improved, and operated via dynamic asset updates.

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Someone asked for β€œproof” for a different app so I will try to start uploading screenshots whenever possible.

For Fundrise - $150.00 invested, $2.63 in profit to date.

For a comparison of all the real estate apps I use checkout my β€˜Real Estate Rumble’.