Gener8 Web Browser (Earn points - redeem for gift cards)

Control and be rewarded from your own data, earn points by using the web and redeem them for gift cards, exclusive products, discounts and more. Gener8 is a new web browsers that gives you part of the advert revenue that they earn.

Companies make millions selling you and your data for adverts views, you can also use the web browser in privacy mode, see pictures of pugs rather than ads.

You can redeem points earned for many gift cards, like Amazon, Argos, Sainsbury’s, Netflix, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, etc, or other products

You’ll get 10 points just by using the referral link, I will get 10 points too :slight_smile:

We’re big fans of creating rewards (as you lovely people know!). Make sure you share your referrals on the dedicated pages for more :eyes: and :moneybag: Gener8 Referral Page Here