💸 Get $25 free - Review of the smart crypto investment site Mudrex

Looking to jump on the recent crypto market gains? Making money from crypto markets is really really difficult. 96% of retail traders lose money.

Ctypto can often feel like the wild-west of the the investment world. There are 1000’s of crypto markets and each market is 24*7. This has put my off investing in the past.

I recently started investigating crypto investment automation. There are lots of solutions out there, after a lot of research I settled on going with Mudrex Invest. I have been using the service for just under a month and so far I’m Impressed!

Mudrex makes investing in crypto trading as simple as investing in a mutual fund. They are very transparent, have a wide variety of trading bots based on our risk appetite and a pricing model is simple, in most cases fees are only charged if your investments make money.

If you were looking for a platform using which you can invest your crypto, then Mudrex might just be it!

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Steps to get started…

  1. Sign-up using this link & get $25 free (No card details required)
  2. Link Mudrex to you crypto exchange of choice (via Secure API - your money stay in your wallet)
  3. Select your investment bot (lots of data and tools to help you choose)
  4. Sit back and let the bot trade on your behalf