Great Crypto airdrop project! (Still early)

A great new airdrop project called Mode which allows users to earn points and gain free crypto when the Airdrop comes later this year! You get points for using the dApps on the website and these points can earn you a very nice airdrop of crypto, which could be lucrative!..

Mode is the Modular DeFi L2 building an onchain cooperative alongside Optimism.

The Mode Sunrise campaign gives users the opportunity to earn a share of 550,000,000 MODE tokens to claim in April 2024. In addition, users can earn sequencer fees of any users they refer and rewards from Mode ecosystem apps.

> Mode is not like other points campaigns that have confusing terms, changing rules and weird mechanics. As a user you will be rewarded if you contribute meaningfully to ecosystem growth. In addition, there are multiple ways to earn yield across the Mode ecosystem from applications building and launching on Mode.

(***You have to set VPN to an eastern location to access the site)