Grifin's $30 Referrals are BACK Through 4/23! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

One of the best referral promos is back! Grifin offers $30 referral bonuses from time to time and it’s a new app + super easy to sign up for, so the referral just keep coming! I think I got $200ish last time without doing any extra promotions; just posted my link here.

You need to complete these steps to get your bonus and code:

  1. Download Grifin App & enter code T2HJUQ
  2. Complete brief KYC (SSN required)
  3. Connect your bank account
  4. Deposit $5 to trigger the $5 signup bonus and get your own referral link to earn $30 per referral!

It’s so easy and credits fast too. Withdraw your earnings to your bank account.


To maximise your referral reach, make sure you share on the dedicated Grifin referral profile here: