How to get More Users using your Referral Code on Referral Codes

Here are 3 tips and tricks on getting more users to use your Referral Code on Referral Codes

1. Profile Picture- Make your profile picture stand out as much as possible. Don’t use anything offensive or adult content based. Always make sure you appeal to everyone.not just men or female only.

2. Profile Name- Make sure your name includes the following key words is a good idea on this platform; referral, refer, code, money, etc.

3. Referral Codes- Have a code on the main offer page allows users to grab a code to copy it directly there. It makes it much easier.

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These are some great tips thanks Ripburn :raised_hands:! Here a few more…

  1. Add a short description to you bio. Details get eye-balls!

  2. Flags. Add your nationality, or countries you are associated with. You’ll attract others from those countries!

  3. Follow others. If you follow others they are more likely to follow you back. Not always but often!

  4. Add plenty of referrals! Everyone wants to interact with ‘mature’ members.

  5. Check-out the Quick Start Guide!

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Thanks @ReferralCodes you have great tips also!

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