I can't add my Greenlight

Hey, apparently I can’t add my Greenlight link because it is a spam link?

I never used the link before, so why is it spam?

And it says to email you guys, but I have no idea what to email you guys about. The link, ask what happened, am I in trouble?

Is the email automated? Is it going to ban me if I ask the wrong question?

So, can you figure this out?

This is the link I was entering: https://share.greenlight.com/Johanna27?advocate_partner_share_id=c1a67972ed

Hello… don’t panic :joy: Some sequences of letters can trigger spam filters (for example from links used by bots that are similar) so this is why we say contact us if you think this is a mistake.

Send us an email to [email protected] from your registered email and we can look into it for you :+1: