I have a problem :/

I want to upload my referral link via shortened tracking link.
After some time it dissappears from my referral page and doesnt show up on the referral n cashback page at all. I dont do any frauds or scamming, its just for my tracking link.
The link redirects right to the page where its supposed to be.

My account: JLBONUS if you need. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Hi! Shortened tracking links are not supported, just referral links direct to the store or app, not via any 3rd party systems. So upload those you’ll be golden :cowboy_hat_face:

Aww, sad to hear. I have this complex system which needs the tracking to be on. :confused:

If we could figure this out it would be great but you choose.

Anyways have a nice day.

Here is the link: Freecash: Free Cash, PayPal, Bitcoin & more! | Freecash.com (mub . me /freecash)