Limited time: £10 bonus with Revolut for next 3 weeks

Strongly recommend Revolut: really nice, minimalist app interface; generally offers the most competitive rates for fX (weekends aside) to help you save on holiday spend or sending money overseas; and option for some really good savings with the cashback from its new “Perks”, which has helped me save on all sorts - from smaller everyday purchases like coffee to holiday costs like rail fare, and hotels. App-y days :slight_smile:

For this limited time (until 27 September), get £10 for signing up with a referral link and using the debit card once.

Full disclosure - there’ll be a little something for me in this too if you’re feeling kind enough to use my link:!G10D21

Thank you.

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This is a great one, Revolut didnt have any bonus for a while so We encourage any readers to grab this now! £$¥ in your pocket

Unfortunately this promotion has now ended. Anyone looking for a free Revolut card - please feel free to use my link at the top.

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You can also create a page for your own referrals at (if you haven’t done already of course!) :smile: