- $25 Account Bonus [real estate]

Download the app and start investing in rental properties for only $50!

  • Claim $25 Bonus!
  • View detailed financial data, inspection reports, and more. All property documents are publicly available.
  • Purchase fractions of rental properties and become a direct owner.
  • Receive rental income daily and withdraw anytime. Watch as your ownership stake appreciates too, and enjoy flexibility without a lock-up period.
  • Earn rental income daily and withdraw anytime

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Someone asked for β€œproof” for a different app so I will try to start uploading screenshots whenever possible.

For App - $701.10 invested, $13.67 in profit to date.

For a comparison of all the real estate apps I use checkout my β€˜Real Estate Rumble’.


Purchased another Lofty Token for β€œ621 E Le Claire Rd” for a total of 17 tokens across 5 properties. Lofty pays me rent DAILY!

Click here to join Lofty –

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The Rise of Fractional Real Estate