Looking for referral sites - Send me your referral sites/apps/programs

I’d like to expand my referral horizons. I’d be happy to sign up using your referral. Just tell me in the message, how much can I make a month from a site or app you recommend. I’m based in Europe.
Here are the results of how many people signed up using my referral. This data is from January 2021 to March 2021:

Poll Pay - 230, I have $24.74, but I can’t withdraw. “For security reasons, your account must be at least 3 days old before you can make a withdrawal”. My account is over a month old. I really hope that they fix the issue and pay me one day.
Attapoll - 216, a Passive income app, gets me currently around 7 euros a week. A total of 28 euro. I manage to withdraw the rewards twice a week.
App Karma - 170 people $4.50 on my account, can’t withdraw yet
Clipclaps - 125, I can withdraw when I reach $10, I have currently $7. It gets better when you get more referrals.
Lucky Cash - 79 people, $1.50 on my account, $5 to withdraw. I wonder if they’ll pay.
Keydrop - 54 people signed up. It’s a gaming site with mixed reviews. I received few skins for referring people. I’ll see if I can sell them. People invest real money, but I don’t see the point of depositing real money.
Verse - 28, 6 people completed the steps. I managed to withdraw a total of 30 euro, 6x5 very easily.
Cake Defi - 26, A huge surprise. I must keep it for 180 days. I currently have $143.83. I’ll see if it pays in August/September. I deposited just $1, so no big loss there if it doesn’t.
SwissBorg Community App - 11. Predicting the price of Bitcoin, currently on 19,000 place, they will give me around $4.70 when the wealth app launches.
CoinSmart - 10 people signed for the waitlist, however, no one has verified yet. $200 is possible if someone who used my referral gets verified
Zelf - 9. It should launch this year. Happy to see that I have potentially 50 euro there without investment.
Bitpanda - 5, 1 person has completed the steps, and we both received 10 euro. I invested 10 euros for fun into Cardano.
Twisto - 4, but no one completed the steps.
Wolt - 3, no one has ordered anything yet.
SwissBorg - 3. 2 people have successfully completed the steps, and we’ve received scratch cards worth up to 100 euro.
Binance - 2 people, #1 crypto site in the world, but they haven’t bought any cryptocurrency yet.
StormGain - 2, I’ll see in March if they are active miners. I have $7 right now, $10 to withdraw, then I can trade with the $10 bonus, so I’ll buy low-valued crypto, and take the profit.
Surveytime - 2, received $2 last week.
Bybit - 1
Bondora - 1, but didn’t complete the steps. I made a profit of 4 euro from this site. I invested 10 euro, got 5 euro from them - 1 euro withdrawal fee and withdrew 14 euro.
BeFrugal - 1, didn’t earn $10 in cashback yet.
Vivid - 0, I ordered and received the free card, but haven’t used it, since nobody signed up. I hope to use it one day regularly, cause they are offering super cash-back and stock rewards.
Revolut - 0 Recently added
Curve - 0, another disappointment. I received my free card, but haven’t used it yet. Maybe that’s why I’m not getting any £5 bonuses.
Top CashBack - 0, a few clicks, but no one signed up.
MuchBetter - 0
Honey - 0, but managed to save me money when buying online.
Testable Minds - 0, but I managed to withdraw $25 this week for taking part in short studies.
StreetBees - No data, however, I received a referral payout of $4 last month.
Overall, I’m happy. I can give a piece of advice to stop using apps where payout takes ages such as Appkarma. As you can see above, 170 people joined App Karma Instead, they could have joined Bitpanda, SwissBorg, Bondora, Cake Defi, where there’s a lot more money to be made, and most of the sign-up bonus sites allow you to withdraw everything on the same day.
Of course, the problem is always money. Not everyone has the money to deposit 50 euro to SwissBorg. However, over 75% of the sites/apps mentioned above are free, meaning that no deposit is required. The list goes on… Attapoll, Surveytime, Testable Minds, StormGain, Streetbees…
Take for example Zelf. They should launch globally this year and they offer 5 euro for every person who joins. Will they pay? We don’t know, but since it’s a fintech like Verse, Vivid, or Curve, they should pay. They are already active in France and in Spain. There’s no risk, and the reward can be good.
With the rise of new technology, new fintech companies will emerge and they will offer withdrawable money for signing up. That’s why it’s better to use them than worthless apps such as AppKarma, where 1. We don’t know if they’ll pay. 2. It takes ages to withdraw. 3. It’s boring, useless, and unproductive.

I’m on Twitter, so if you have any interesting referral site, app, or program, you can message me there.



I use this app called Mode to buy, manage and grow my Bitcoin (by grow I mean earn interest on it while it sits in the app).

If you sign up and buy £100 of BTC, you’ll get £20 for free. Check it out: https://modeapp.com/referral/KEL151928

  1. Download app using my link and complete registration
  2. Deposit funds and buy £100 worth of BTC
  3. Hold for exactly 24 hours then withdraw with your bonus, enjoy!

ENDS 14/03/2021 :exclamation:

Let me know if you need help!


You’re invited!

  1. Sign up with my invite link
  2. Deposit and buy GBP 100 in BTC (Luno exchange not included)
  3. We both get GBP 10.00 free BTC
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Hey, I’ve got an account with personal money app Ziglu and I think you’d enjoy using them too. Use my link to earn a referral bonus after your first qualifying exchange: Ziglu invite

Hi join me in this free site that been here since 2008. The earnings can be $100 to $200+ per month if you do a lot of surveys, dowmload lot of apps and play games and do some offers and much more. I made $16 from a game offer recently. It is good for people in USA and UK fro surveys and the extra earning. I advise you to click daily tho if there no surveys or anything. The earnings depends on your country you reside in unless if you have a lot of referrals and at the ultimate level. Good luck here the link sign up link on my blog don’t miss out.


Earn $500 with tasks, I received in the first day http://www.wolf-points.com/register.php?referral=rodrigoviana

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Trustdice.win referral code use referral to claim a small amount of Crypto each day without gambling or playing.

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BC.game you can get a free daily spin each day without paying, you can win Up to 1 BTC free.

Or use the direct referral link below!


Sign UP with link and get a ‘little bit’ of free Litecoin free at free-litecoin


Here’s £10 completely free - no deposit needed

If you’re new to the Luno Bitcoin app, you can get £10 for free when you download the Luno app, verify, then apply code BPBPERRYMAN10 once they accept your verification (takes maximum of a a day).


  • UK Only
  • Must not have used any other codes on the Luno app
  • Need some sort of ID to verify it’s you (eg driving licence or passport)
  • Must be 18 or over

Feel free to share the £10 code with friends and family too.

Hi! Go to the TransferGo website Specify the code: VICTORY when registering, make the first transfer $ 110, you will have your own referral link and you can earn $ 25 on each invitee

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Perhaps you would give GRpoints a try.
Joining is free.

Currently GRpoints is a referral program where you refer interested clients to open Offshore banking account with either Hamilton Reserve Bank (Saint Kitts & Nevis) or Fintech Bank Ltd (Labuan, Malaysia).

Bank account opened through referral of GRpoints comes with the following benefits:

  • Special rates on account opening fees/bank charges. (One-off account bank account opening fee of $200 (Personal) or $2,000 (Business) instead of the standard fee of $3,000 will be payable to GRpoints upon review of application by the bank)
  • Account opening supporting documents are submitted online with no bank interview in person required.
  • No initial deposit amount. No monthly minimum balance or maintenance fee required.

Your GRpoints referral link will be automatically activated once you have successfully open an account with either the above mentioned bank. Successful referral points earned can be redeemed as cash into your bank account. More information can be found under download centre after you have login to your GRpoints account.

Again, please register through this link: https://www.grpoints.com/?SID=260A6699BA7E78E2

Free money every day at the click of a button! Hi is a revolutionary banking service that’s co-founded by superstars from Alibaba, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Crypto .com, AIG, Tencent and Bitcoin .com. Massive multinational conglomerates… This project is going to be huge & you can get in on it from the beginning stage. Don’t miss this opportunity. Hi is a cryptocurrency that’s “Bitcoin with Benefits”. It takes two seconds to sign up and claim your reward. Sign up with my referral link to receive 1 Hi token (currently worth 73 cents USD as of the 8th of September 2021). Every 24 hours you can claim 1 Hi token. That’s 73 cents a day for free! This will keep gaining in value as well. Easiest money you’ll make. Don’t say no to this offer, it’s a win/win situation. All you have to do is sign up & claim your token every 24 hours.

This is one of my favourite apps. McMoney pays you to receive SMS messages! You get 6 cents per message & you don’t have to do anything. Just sit back, relax & make an easy passive income.

(Android only)

Use this code ESHSM3Y0 when signing up to get $1.30 for free

Download the McMoney app here McMoney lets you earn money by receiving SMS test messages

Have you tried SoFi - Hi! :wave: Join me on the SoFi mobile app! You can save, spend, trade and borrow — all in one app. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get $15 cash rewards. https://sofi.app.link/gUR6WaFqDjb

or Times Club (apple only) Times Club: I’m inviting you to join Times Club, the exclusive club for Indians! Use my code 3KQLYL to get a $30 bonus and check out hundreds of other premium offers & perks.

Luno will give you £10 of Bitcoin without any deposit or purchase using my Bitcoin Pioneers’ referral code - BPKSteele10 - will give you £10 worth of Bitcoin (UK and 18 and over only). A regular Luno referral code requires you to buy £100 of Bitcoin - you do not need to make a deposit or buy Bitcoin or crypto using my code to get your £10 of Bitcoin.

Just sign up (verified in minutes) and enter BPKSteele10 in the Rewards tab and you get £10 of Bitcoin instantly. That’s all you need to do to get your £10 of Bitcoin.

Uk offer

Zilch give you £10 to spend. A Zilch card allows you to shop online at thousands of stores that accept Mastercard (e.g. Asda, Tesco, Amazon, Ebay, Ikea, Zara, H&M, Easyjet etc) and either pay at once or spread your payment over six weeks for no fee and zero interest. Note that if you tap the “Try Zilch Anywhere” option (to use your card on a non-participating store) there is a £2.50 fee per transaction and interest applicable.

Signing up to Zilch using my referral link gives you a £10 Reward off your basket. When you check out on your store’s website (e.g Asda), you will see the full price of your basket. By using your Zilch virtual MasterCard to pay, your Rewards will be automatically applied. This will show on your Zilch purchases and payments page.

How it works How It Works: Pay 25% Upfront, Pay the Rest Later- Zilch


  1. Tap on my referral link Zilch Customer Portal to sign up.
  2. Tap https://customers.payzilch.com/ and add a debit card.
  3. Search for your store using the search field or Browse Shops.
  4. Tap on your green Zilch card, then tap “tap here to copy details’.
  5. Tap the button next to Reward Balance to activate your rewards for your purchase then tap "Enable for Store” - Zilch will take you to your store’s website you have two hours to shop. If you take more than two hours - repeat the above process from step 3 to restart your shopping session.
  6. Shop for your item(s) then when you go to pay for the items copy your Zilch card details into the stores payment page. Zilch will discount your items by the amount of your existing rewards (so using my referral link you will have a £10 discount applied).

When you sign up to Zilch, tap on Refer and Earn and share your link. You will get a £10 reward for very person who uses you link and makes their first purchase with Zilch.

Free £10 Bitcoin on Luno- No Deposit or Purchase Needed- UK Only

The usual UK Bitcoin offer for Luno using a referral code is Buy at least a £100 of Bitcoin to get £10 Bitcoin Free.

My code however will allow you to get £10 Bitcoin Free without any Deposit or Purchase Required.

To Qualify for the Free £10 Bitcoin where no Deposit or Purchase Required:-

  1. You should be at least 18 years old

  2. Live in The UK

  3. Be a New Luno customer.

  4. Not used a Referral code previously on Luno

  5. Be able to verify account with I.D

I am part of a team called Bitcoin Pioneers and Each Bitcoin Pioneer can giveaway Bitcoin each month in £10 Bitcoin increments to people who are new to Bitcoin and interested in it. This is done in association with Luno where The Free £10 Bitcoin can be claimed providing the 5 qualification points mentioned above have been met.

There is no commitment needed as a result of claiming this Free £10 Bitcoin.

You do not need to deposit any money and/or buy any cryptocurrency to claim this Free £10 Bitcoin.

Luno is a digital currency exchange facility that offers clients a technology platform to buy, sell and store digital currencies as well as pay for products and services using a cryptocurrency wallet. It is available in over 40 countries including the UK.

In order to Claim a Free £10 Bitcoin Please Follow the Below Instructions:-

  1. Download the Luno app from Playstore or Apple Store and sign up for an account.

You can also sign up for an account through the website http://www.luno.com

  1. Verify your identity by using a Passport or Driving Licence and you will be required to take a Selfie.

  2. Once it is confirmed you are Verified, Click on the Rewards tab on the Luno App or through the Luno website. Click on Enter a Code and then enter Promo Code BPMSTROM10 and click on Apply Code.

Once this is done you will instantly receive £10 Free Bitcoin in your wallet.

You are Free to do as you wish with the Free £10 Bitcoin as there is no conditions attached once who claim this Freebie. I would suggest to store the Free £10 Bitcoin in a Savings Wallet to earn a targeted interest rate of 2% per annum.

If you know of any friends, family and work colleagues that are New to Bitcoin and interested in it then feel free to pass my code and offer to them. They can also claim a Free £10 Bitcoin.

We are looking to increase the numbers of people using Bitcoin by giving away a Free £10 Bitcoin to people new to Bitcoin and Luno as part of our aim to drive the adoption of Bitcoin across the UK.
It is as simple as that and Risk Free to claim the Free £10 Bitcoin.

If you are interested in being able to go to Free Bitcoin Webinars which are designed for Beginners, Select yes to marketing when you sign up to Luno and you can take advantage of the Free Bitcoin Training Webinars on offer where details will be sent to you by email.

The Head of our group is looking for New Bitcoin Pioneers where if accepted you can have your own code to be able to give away Bitcoin in £10 Increments to new people interested in it. If you are interested in applying to join the Bitcoin Pioneers please send me a DM and I can give you more information.

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My Bitcoin Pioneers’ referral code - BPKSteele10 - will give you £10 worth of Bitcoin (UK and 18 and over only). A regular Luno referral code requires you to buy £100 of Bitcoin - you do not need to make a deposit or buy Bitcoin or crypto using my code to get your £10 of Bitcoin. Just sign up (verified in minutes) and enter BPKSteele10 in the Rewards tab and you get £10 of Bitcoin instantly. That’s all you need to do to get your £10 of Bitcoin however I have provided further details below.

Luno was founded in 2013, their HQ is in London and their app is used by over 8 million people in 40 countries. Luno’s app is really easy to use and great for beginners who haven’t used a crypto platform before. Crypto App in Your Pocket - Available on IOS, Android, Web | Luno

Luno does not charge any fees to deposit and withdraw GBP using the UK’s Faster Payments Service (bank transfer). Fees for buying or selling crypto are low - using Luno’s Exchange there is no maker fee (limit order) and only 0.1% taker fee (market order).

The minimum buy and sell on Luno is 0.0005 of Bitcoin (using Luno’s Exchange), which is currently about £18. So if you want to buy Bitcoin you can deposit as little as £18 and buy Bitcoin; similarly you can sell Bitcoin when you have a balance of £18 of Bitcoin. To access Luno’s Exchange in Luno’s app tap ‘Home’, tap the three dots (top right) and select “Exchange”.

Luno’s HQ is in London and their app is really easy to use. If you aren’t sure about Bitcoin or want to learn more you can access a free monthly webinar hosted by Bitcoin analyst Jason Deane including open Q & A session. Jason is down to earth and provides a jargon-free introduction to what Bitcoin is and why Bitcoin is important - just select yes to marketing when you sign up (you can change that setting at anytime). Jason’s twittter - https://twitter.com/JasonADeane

Non-referral link Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, XRP and Altcoins with GBP | Luno | Luno

Steps to get your Free £10 of Bitcoin

  1. Download Luno’s app or go to Sign up | Luno

  2. Enter your email address and password then select “Sign up”. Or you can use the option to sign up using Apple, Google or Facebook.

  3. Verify your account before you enter my code. Go to ‘profile’, ‘settings’ and ‘verification’ to follow the simple process (upload photo ID e.g. passport / driving licence and a selfie). Sign up and verification usually take a few minutes.

  4. Tap the ‘Rewards’ tab, select ‘Enter a Code’ and type in BPKSteele10 - your £10 worth of Bitcoin will be credited instantly.

If you want to you can create a savings wallet on Luno and put your Bitcoin into your savings wallet and you will earn approx 4% interest per annum.

Feel free to share my code with others, my code doesn’t expire and anyone can use to get £10 of Bitcoin.

Refer friends

When you sign up to Luno you can refer other people and Luno will give you a further £10 of Bitcoin for every person who signs up using your referral link and buys £100 of crypto.

Hi are you looking for UK or USA sites?

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