Luno £10 completely free Bitcoin - no deposit - UK only

This is an easy way to get £10 of Bitcoin. You don’t need to deposit any money or buy anything to get the £10 of Bitcoin, its completely free (UK & 18 and over).

Bitcoin Pioneers are a group of people who work in association with Luno to support Bitcoin education and adoption in the UK. My code BPKSTEELE10 gives you £10 of Bitcoin when you sign up to Luno (a crypto exchange with their HQ in London).

Luno’s app is beginner friendly - you can buy, sell or exchange crypto with a few taps. Features

Some info about Luno:-

It’s free to deposit and withdraw GBP.

It’s free to trade using a limit order on Luno’s Exchange.

It’s free to send Bitcoin to anyone who has a Luno account (using their email or mobile number).

Steps for your £10 of Bitcoin:

  1. Sign up with Luno’s app or at
  2. Verify with photo ID (driving licence or passport) & selfie.
  3. Once verified, tap the Rewards tab, tap Enter a Code, enter BPKSTEELE10 and tap Apply Code.

Your £10 of Bitcoin bonus will show as pending in Rewards for 30 days then you’ll receive a notification from Luno that your bonus has been added to your Bitcoin Wallet, where you are free to hold, exchange or sell your Bitcoin.

My code doesn’t expire so it can be shared with anyone you know who would want £10 of Bitcoin.

All codes beginning with BP are no deposit codes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bitcoin you can access a free webinar. I found the webinar really interesting and there is a Q&A at the end if you want to ask any questions. The webinar isn’t just for beginners, so if you already know something about Bitcoin you may still find it useful. The next webinar is Wed 10 Aug at 6pm.

For a quick introduction to Bitcoin this 2 minute video gives a good overview of how Bitcoin works.