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Snapshare USDT earning platform and banks Website will be released in January 2021
The way it works is simply to post the assignments and missions that have been provided by the website to your social media
Plan free 1 mission is priced at 0.50 $
*Plan costs 1 mission 6 $ 1 $ valid referral The method of referral is valid, just use social media like Facebook and others Minimum withdrawal oflegit *
*Withdrawal methods via USDT and BANK Transfers
100% legit
*Registration link:
**#Snapshare is an innovative technology-based company that is tasked with increasing business using social media platforms such as Facebook Twitter Instagram and other

It should be noted that only users from the following countries can register: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.

I am from the US and I realized the above after I tried to sign up and those are the countries listed in the country dropdown upon registration.

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Thanks for sharing that Matt!