My referrals are gone!

Hoping the referral codes team will see this.

I recently submitted a referral for a shopping website–one that wasn’t listed here prior–and got a confirmation email saying it was posted. I checked my profile and sure enough, there it was–but there’s an issue. When I clicked on the actual referral page itself, my code wasn’t there.

I tried to re-submit using the “replace existing” feature, but I don’t think that did anything… and now I’ve seen another person post up their code while mine doesn’t seem to exist.

After that, I went to see if something similar happened to my other referrals… and it seems like they’re all gone. They’re still present on my profile, but when you check the individual pages, the referrals have been deleted… I’m wondering if I did something wrong? Was I soft-banned?

Any help would be appreciated.


Please send an email from the registered email to [email protected] and we will check for you.

Please also check the FAQs for details on which referrals are confirmed. Posting the same referral in quick succession can result in the behaviour being flagged as spam by the system.

We’ve just looked at your page - you have the ‘visible’ setting on “No” rather than “Yes”. This means your referrals are only visible directly on your page. if you change this to “Yes” they will appear throughout the site… hope that makes sense :star_struck: