Networking post

As you may know Referral Codes lists your referrals higher on their site if you have people following you

I’m here to help new accounts or anyone else like mine build up a network

I’ll follow anyone that follows me! I will also use your referral links for anything that will pay cash!

Feel free to drop your link down below!

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Following post, curious if an Admin pipes in.

Whyd you say that? Did I break any rules?

We encourage all members to increase the number of people they follow as well as to attract followers.

Not only will they appear more often in search results, but follower count is one of part of the ranking formula we use.

So active & involved profiles will get an extra boost! Remember you can ‘unfollow’ anytime if you change your mind.

(please note any ‘side agreements’ are matters entirely for the individuals - we avoid encouraging them as they usually don’t work!)

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Not that I knew about but, was hoping an Admin would chime in one one or another (which they did).


In that case, follow for follow @AZRenegade? Maybe we can share a few referrals?

Followed :slight_smile: