New distribution of up to $ 100 from Currency

Get Free Trade Up To 100 € / £

Get free trade up to 100 € / £. Join me on the world’s first tokenized securities exchange and use your cryptocurrency to trade on the world’s most popular markets.


Enter your email address and create a password

Go to and click “Login” in the upper right corner of the screen to register from your desktop.

Enter your email address, password and accept the terms of use in the pop-up window.

Aspects of the relationship between the user and the exchange are described in the terms of use. There is also a link to the Whitepaper declaration . This is a legal document, please do not confuse it with a marketing whitepaper .


Enter your place of residence

The page on which you must indicate your country and citizenship will open after completing the previous paragraphs. You will also need to prove that you have not lived in the United States.

Enter your address to verify your identity.

There are two ways to enter your address - autocomplete and manual.

In the first method, the system shows autocomplete options as soon as you start entering the address. You only need to select the desired address from the database.

If the required address is not available, you can fill it in manually.


Please enter your full name

Enter your passport details.


Confirm your email address

You will receive a message with a link required to confirm your registration to your email. will open with a successful registration notification after you click on the link.


Verify your identity

You will need to confirm your full name and address after authorization. It is possible to check by passport or ID-card.

If you have chosen to check your passport, the exchange will ask you to upload or send images of your document - the first and second pages, as well as the page with the registration address - to [email protected] .

It is very important to photograph the pages of the passport so that they are visible from all angles. Otherwise, you will have to take new photos and wait for his approval.

Then you need to send a photo of the passport page with the registered address you specified earlier for confirmation. Remember: the photo must be of satisfactory quality, otherwise you will have to upload a new picture.

If the team has questions about your documents, you may be asked to call on Skype or you will need to take a selfie with the documents open on the desired pages.

I got a share on General Electric for 13$ but to pick it up I have to do any trade on this Exchange

And for this I added an account in light

After successfully completing all the steps, you will receive a message confirming that you can trade on the platform.