(New) Jobber - Free $100 Visa Gift Card with a monthly subscription ($10)

  1. Download Jobber for App Store (iOS) or Android
  2. Signup with your email and enter your business details (use your name as a business name - you can work for yourself!)
  3. On the gear icon on the left, click ‘Refer a Friend’ and enter the code DANIELHOLBROOK232
  4. Purchase any plan, the cheapest is the Monthly Lite Plan ($10). You can use credit card, Google Play Balance or any payment method appliable. - I did this and instantly got the email confirming my gift card will be here in 30 days
  5. After a few minutes, you’ll be sent a email confirmation and a reminder that you will receive the $100 Gift Card in 30 days

Both referrer and referee will receive the $100 Visa Gift Card, you can see for yourself on the program page. Just be sure you insert the code in Refer a Friend tab before purchasing the plan.