New Trading 212 Referral Link & Instructions - Free share (just deposit £1)

I’ve seen lot of people recommending Trading 212 for some time now and it was only recently I decided to make the jump and give it a go - I was tempted by the referral offer of a free share up to the value of £100. I have been buying shares for the past year previously using Freetrade, only reason I didn’t sign up to Trading 212 sooner was because I didn’t realise that the only requirement was to open a free Invest account and deposit £1 in it ( it’s really straight forward to do by the way). I wish I’d have done it sooner!

I was expecting to receive a relatively low value share as the stated share value is anything up to £100. However, I was awarded one free AstraZenica share valued at £75 at the time of writing :money_mouth_face:. I was really pleased with the share value for the 5 minutes it took me to download the app and setup the account.

If shares aren’t for you, its also easy to sell your share straight away and you’ll be able to withdraw the proceeds from the share sale and your original £1 deposit after 30 days so its definitely worth trying. :money_with_wings:

Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to £100?

Create a Trading 212 Invest account using the link below and deposit £1 minimum.

You should receive your free share within 3 business days, if you don’t receive the free share or you have just signed up without the special link by mistake, make sure you enter the promo code “HXoc4TGX” on your account screen within 7 days of opening your account.

Hope this helps!

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I mentioned i also use Freetrade in the above post. They also do a similar referral offer where they give a free share worth £3-£200, there is no harm trying both deals. Fingers crossed you get at +£100 value share. :crossed_fingers:

The referral link for the Free trade offer is: