Norwegian Block Exchange(NBX) Free 50 NOK equivalent of Bitcoin, Around £4 Bitcoin- No Deposit or Purchase Required, Works for UK and EU users

NBX is a secure and transparent cryptocurrency exchange, approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority.

In order to qualify for the Referral bonus please follow the below instructions:-

  1. Sign up for an account via my referral link Norwegian Block Exchange - Cryptocurrency Trading. Bitcoin, Ethereum, NOK, EUR markets
    Make sure you see the Referral Code box has been filled in with my referral code bwfePWtCbw.

  2. Verify I.D using a passport and you will be asked to take a selfie and record a short video.

Verification only took a few minutes for me to pass it but I have read it can take much longer for some individuals.

  1. Once you have passed verification you will receive the flat 50 NOK equivalent of Bitcoin, priced at the time of the payout itself, roughly £4 in Bitcoin.

In order to get my Referral Link I was asked to download an Authenticator App to enable two stage verification and followed the instructions given which were very straightforward.

The referrer gets a Free 50 NOK equivalent of Bitcoin roughly £4 in Bitcoin for each person that uses their referral link and has verified their account.