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I wanted to share my link for Octopus Energy and initially selected the page that’s already there. After it was approved I noticed that that page only applies to octopus.energy, not the other local domains like octopusenergy.de, which is what my link would be for. I then deleted my referral and added a new one with “Unlisted” selected, hoping that a new page for the .de domain would be added, but my referral still got added to the page that was already there, meaning my referral still wasn’t shown on the .de page. Would it be possible to add pages for the local versions like octopusenergy.de or to apply the existing page to other domains in addition to octopus.energy? I’m sure Octopus Energy isn’t the only case where different domains are an issue.

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Thanks for your message. Right now all Octopus Energy, irrespective of the country, are listed on the Octopus Energy page. Clicking on the relevant referral there goes to the country page linked to that referral. For the Chrome extension, you’re correct .de isn’t showing an alert… yet! But it will do soon.

We will be expanding it so that different endings e.g. .co.uk and .de will show an alert if there are referrals specific for those countries, in addition to the .com (which is the standard alert).

We recommend you also put the country name next to the reward (e.g. 125€ (Deutsch)). This will get more attention for visitors from those countries.

Thanks for sharing your feedback :ok_hand: