[OFFER] Payout $2.5 for signing up for DOSH

Greetings Everyone,

Dosh is a legit cashback site, works by linking your credit/debit card and spending at certain stores. You automatically get a % or $ cashback from the purchase.

I will pay out $2.5 via paypal / venmo.

Offer ends 02/21. PM me with questions. $bid below, I will help out wherever I can with your process.

They pay $1 to confirm your card, so you will get $3.5 total


  1. Reply to my post with $bid
  2. From a mobile device, click my link here: https://link.dosh.cash/DOSHER8330
  3. When signing up, be sure to enter a referral code: DOSHER8330
  4. Link your credit / debit card
  5. Send me an email @ san.kilogram111@gmail com with the below details :
  • your name that you signed up with
  • your preferred payment method (Paypal/Venmo) and address for that

T&C: https://www.dosh.cash/terms-of-service/

Are you willing to extend the end date?

Hi There, Yes. However, I can only offer $2.5 now. Dosh reduced the referral signup bonus to $5 from $10.