Profile loading time scales with # following/followers

Some user feedback: I’ve noticed that profile pages scale with the number of users followers/following.

For example: rcteam (3.6k following) had a loading time of 20.77 seconds according to developer console

Vaelariuscrypto (referralking) (500 following) has a loading time of 4.21 seconds

New users in my testing have had a loading time of ~.5 seconds.

It’s definitely a use case that affects a lower percentage of users, but i would guess it could be fixed using lazy loading on the following/followers list.


Hi yes thanks for the feedback. Some users run scripts to follow every single new user (which isn’t really the intended behaviour) so load times for these mega-followers will be lower as there is a lot of data to add. We encourage users to follow others in a ‘sensible’ way :slight_smile: We’ll be reviewing this in the next site upgrade, thanks!

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