Public [investing app] - no deposit required - claim up to $15 in free stock *US ONLY

Originally Public was iOS only - there is now an Android app available.

Please note that link must opened from mobile -

Join Public today and we both get up to $15 in free stock (Public calls them “slices”) and you get to choose your choice from the offered selection which could be Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft or others.

There is no deposit required to claim your free stock bonus but the account must be kept open for a minimum of 90 days.

As this is a brokerage account identity verification is required.

See terms and conditions within app.

Any questions hit me up.

Be sure to follow me at Public if you join, here’s a link to my profile -

Please note, accurate at time of posting, T&C subject to change.


Public has a new feature that allows you to “gift” a slice of stock to a recipient for the holidays (double stock award, up to $100) - however, please note that while interesting, by utilizing this option the referee does not receive any referral bonus.

It does however allow you to “gift” a specific stock.

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Add my bee referral code jordy1997 active 20hrs a day

Public has increased the maximum amount of free stock that can be received up to $70 and my Public referrals have been blowing up - 12 referrals in the last 2 weeks!

People love the Public Platform and love getting up to $70 in FREE stock!

Link → Stanley Holtsclaw (@AZRenegade) on |

‘not investment advice, referral reward not typical’

Remember you can all share Public referrals on the dedicated page here: Public Referral Codes and Links

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