Referral exchange

Hi lets help each other with referrals I will register on every link after You register on mine

Ref for Ref
(Sweatcoin: Healthier planet. Healthier, wealthier you)


Hi, hope you dont mind the cold approach, Im looking for guys interested in doing surveys for money online, and this really is too good not be involved in.

I use several of these types of site and they all have good referral programs, so it is possible to earn without doing anything should that be the way you want to try and go. Personally I enjoy filling out the surveys and Ive had over £1000 in 10 months.

If you are interested let me know but one of the best ones is InstaGC, link below to get started

You can withdraw for amazon cards, starbucks etc etc or simply paypal. Been using this for around a month now and already had over £100.

Look forward to seeing you on the site



I will join yours if you agree to join mine

Sure, no worries, I’ll look in an hour or so…