REFERRAL REVIEW: Igloo Energy £££

Today, we review the Igloo referral scheme.

Igloo is one of the ‘new’ utility companies in the UK and has a super attractive referral scheme, designed to entice new sign-ups with proper cash bonuses. They currently offer, as of this post May 2021, an energetic £50 sign-up bonus for the new account holder… and £50 for the referrer. So, £100 of referral goodness…. each time!

We rate this a truly excellent referral scheme. They offer clear tracking of rewards – including those of accounts “in progress” – and make good on the rewards. We have had lots of reports of members receiving £100s of energy credits and one ReferralCodes fanatic even claimed not to have paid for energy for over 2 years. Usefully, even though Igloo apply a credit to your account for the £50 reward, closure of the account will lead to a cash-rebate back to your bank account. So even if you don’t stay, or end up in credit, you’ll still benefit from the referral cash.

The referral is executed via a simple-to-use referral link, or URL, with an in-built user-identification. These are the simplest to click on, and share, and we encourage all referral schemes to use these. You will find several on our Igloo Referral Page.

What could Igloo do better? Well, many energy companies offer the SAME amount of £50. Perhaps a little more generosity will get referral fanatics even more excited. But, overall Igloo is exactly the kind of referral scheme we here at ReferralCodes love. Easy to use, generous with lots of flexibility and no onerous tie-ins.

How did you get on with Igloo? Let us know your comments, and of course if you want to share your own Igloo referral make sure you go to the dedicated page here:

If you’d like to review a referral scheme send an email with your suggestion to [email protected] and we’ll give your referrals priority!