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Hello referral fanatics!

Get even more referral rewards by joining our Facebook Group. It has daily updates from all over the world, and you can promote your own referrals too. Completely free of course… spread the word!

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Just joined …a couple of questions regarding rules on the FB group.

Regarding this rule “Post your referral once. Several posts of the same referral on the same day or within the same week will result in deletion. Repeat offenders will be removed.”

So it is OK to repost the same offer every 7 days or is it “one and done”?

Also, so clarification on this rule “Only direct referrals are allowed.” may be necessary as I’m seeing a lot of posts without any specific program listed and invites to PM (ripe for fraud and abuse).

We let Facebook group members promote referrals as they wish, obvious scams are deleted.

We want that group to be interesting to all members, so we don’t want particularly active sharers to dominate with the same content… so yes once a week will be ok!