Robinhood - FREE 10-20€ in Bitcoin (KYC ONLY)

:money_mouth_face:Robinhood mega campaign!

Earn IMMEDIATE €10-20 in Bitcoin JUST BY KYC.
Steps: Open a Robinhood crypto account with my referral link. Limitations apply.
Open the link above and enter your email. You are immediately redirected to install the app.
Install, enter the same email you used and create an account. It’s verified instantly and you know how much you’ve earned! The bonus can be used on the platform immediately or withdrawn after 30 days.
Enjoy! :grin:

PS: There is a tiny, but real, chance that you will get 1 BTC.

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With BTC reaching some impressive levels, this is a great referral program. Be sure to follow DavidCripto and share your referrals widely, including on the dedicated Robinhood Referral Page:

Please be advised that the terms changed today. Now it is required to make a deposit and a 10€ trade in order to receive the bonus.

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So that’s a 100% return immediately, still worth doing :star_struck:

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