Robinhood Gold - Paying $60 per completed referral + $5 for the paid month (+ $25 bonus if no trial period needed)

Hi everyone.

I’m trying for the gold Robinhood card and need 10 completed robinhood gold subscription referrals + adding to waitlist for robinhood gold card (don’t need to actually apply for the latter). I will pay $60 per fully completed referral using my link below + the $5 for the necessary paid month through the referree’s preferred payment method (venmo or paypal preferred). Also willing to trade referrals for other things if preferred. If you do not require a trial period and do not already have Robinhood gold, I will pay an extra $25 for not having to wait for the 30 day trial to complete before being counted.

Instructions per Robinhood support who I reached out to:

  1. Download the Robinhood App and create a robinhood account (if you already have one, even better. Just cannot have an active robinhood gold account).

  2. While logged into the app, add yourself to the Robinhood gold credit card waitlist using my referral link: Robinhood Gold Card Important notes: 1. You must add yourself to the waitlist using the same email as for your robinhood account or it will not work. 2. It is also not needed to actually apply for the credit card, just waitlist yourself for it.

  3. Sign up for Robinhood Gold subscription using the same account and email as the above.

  4. If you haven’t had Robinhood Gold before, the first 30 days are free, then there is a $5 per month fee (which I will pay for).

  5. (If free trial is needed) Once you sign up for the 30 day free trial, I will get confirmation that my referral link was used by you. I will send the $5 to put into your brokerage account to pay for Robinhood Gold, plus $10 as a down payment in good faith while waiting for the trial period to end.

  6. (If free trial is needed) Once the free trial period ends after 30 days, you must make sure to have the $5 in your brokerage account for Robinhood to charge for the first paid month of Robinhood Gold. I will receive a referral notice that the gold subscription has been paid.

  7. Once the referral notice has been received, I will send the remaining $50.

  8. (For existing RH users who do not require the trial period). If no trial period is required and you’re able to pay and sign up immediately, I will throw in an extra $25 per referral for $90 total, all of which will be paid upon receipt of confirmation email.

If you’re going to use my referral, please DM me. I will get an email notification when someone starts the trial using my link, confirmed by Robinhood support to be received at the end of each day. I will not be sending any payments before receipt of confirmation email because scammers have been on the prowl. Payment will be sent when confirmation is received. Any requests that demand up front payment will be ignored. I’m sorry, but I’ve had a bad experience already.

Once I send payment, it would be appreciated if you can also comment on the post confirming that you’ve received payment to give confidence to others that it is worth their time.

It is important to follow the instructions carefully. Per support:

“you will receive emails regarding the status of your referrals. These email updates will be sent out by the end of the day if any new referral action has been taken. Your total progress will be clearly shown within this email: it will state how many of your referrals have upgraded to Gold, and how many total have made their first Gold payment out of the required 10 for the referral program. Any referrals not showing up in these email updates have not committed to the steps mentioned above.”

I currently need 8 more referrals, but will go up to a maximum of 12 in case some people do not follow through during trial period. Preference is to get a full 10 referrals that skip the trial.

Please message me if interested or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Solarus and welcome to the referral codes forum! Robinhood has a good referral program.

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