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Payoneer is a world-class digital payments system that offers an attractive business account option for SMEs and self-employed professionals relying on frequent cross-border payments and receipts. Especially well known for its free account management, attractive international payment fees, and countless other savvy features, Payoneer offers many unique advantages to SMEs, self-employed professionals, and freelancers alike.

Nowadays, it has become increasingly common for employers, employees, and independent contractors to work across borders. However, due to currency exchange, the cost of remuneration can be filled with onerous fees. These fees are particularly pricey for business payments, which are often significantly higher than personal payments.

However, while this doesn’t tend to bother large corporations (which tend to have their own payment networks and thus secure more favourable rates), smaller companies and self-employed workers are hit especially hard by the high fees for international money transfers. This is where Payoneer comes into the picture. By offering a top-notch business account platform that brings together local bank details in different countries with cheap international payments, Payoneer can provide the ideal solution to meet the international payment needs of SMEs and self-employed professionals.

What advantages About Payoneer

  • A wide range of payment services and solutions;
  • Speedy processing of payments from anywhere in the world;
  • Currency exchange fees are reasonably priced.

What defect About Payoneer

  • Many types of fees can stack up quickly;
  • Currency conversion is only intended for business transactions;
  • Strict terms of service;
  • Not ideal for making pure international payments (this function is best used through Payoneer accounts).
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