SMARTY SIM CARD - FREE MONTH + £10 worth of Gift Cards

SMARTY is a great provider. Awesome and extremely cheap SIM only deals.

£10 gift card if you use my code!

I am on £10 for 30GB but there are loads of plans including roll over plans and buyback. No joke in April they gave me a boost to 60GB for no reason lol it is great.

They also still have the 12GB fair use policy for the EU (many providers have stopped after brexit)

Use my link to sign up with SMARTY and we both get £10 worth of Gift Cards

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As of today (21/10/22) these are just some examples of the packages they offer:

  • UNLIMITED data for £20/month
  • 200GB for £17/month
  • 50GB data for £10/month (discounted)!
  • 12GB for £8