Step By Step Guide On Passive Income ✅ Great Enough To Live Off Of

Hey everyone, I have wrote out a blueprint of how you can start earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars like me a month from simply taking the apps you already use or may be interested in and posting your referral link on these websites and social media platforms or applying to the company’s affiliate program if you have enough followers to earn even more.

All you have to do is follow my steps in each program and then after you complete those steps copy my information and paste it on the websites I have with your own personal link and then refresh the link once a month and I’ve earned more from this then working at a job that paid me $16.32/hr.

My main affiliate website links are:

Referral Codes:

You can find all of these links and many many more at my link tree website here :point_down::

These are links to over 140 apps along with a template to copy and paste that will earn you money on a regular basis. I’ve got these in numerical order from my top earning apps to the ones that still earn just not as much. I started off with one referral link on these sites and earned $300 my first week. So you don’t have to do it all at once to start earning. If you use any of these apps or think you would then take a few minutes to complete the steps and have a passive income stream. As hard as times are I’m trying to help out my community by sharing what has literally become a big portion of my income just from experimentation. Happy earning! Have a great day! There are many more referral links and codes in the links above if you find these interesting

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