Strike (by Zap) - claim $5 new account bonus - US and El Salvador

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Currently, Strike is offered in the United States (excluding Hawaii and New York) and in El Salvador.

Strike (by Zap) is a new payment platform similar to CashApp and Venmo that allows you to send money instantly, with no fees, anywhere in the world.

Available for iOS, Android and Chrome (as an extension).

Strike only requires your name, email & phone number to sign up and get started.

The micropayment economy is born online. Tip, donate, spend, and more with as little as a penny for the first time ever.

Strike is a payments application developed by Zap Solutions, Inc., allowing users to send and receive money instantly around the world, for free.

Strike uses Bitcoin and blockchain technology to offer instant and free payments globally. Users use Strike to pay each other, buy goods and services online, make micropayments, tip content creators, as well as buy and sell Bitcoin.

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PSA - You can now buy Bitcoin directly through the Strike app (additional verification steps required).

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Strike is now available in Argentina!