Tips for New Users

Does anyone have any tips for new users of Referral I really love the site and thank you for it.


Thanks Lauda, we’re really glad you’re enjoying the site. Thanks also for asking this question!

The day after you join you will be sent a New Member Tips email and you can also have a look at our Quick Start Guide here:

We always love to hear new member’s experiences so please share them here… including what we can do better :joy: Happy Referrals 2024!

Here are a couple of tips and tricks on using referral codes.

:one:- Start a discussion in the ‘Discuss’ forum. It gets your name out there and you can post news/advice/thoughts about a program & link that code in the post which will likely get you more referrals on that. Comment on others’ discussion posts and really interact with the people on the site.

:two: Do exchanges- If you see an active user who you’d like to swap referrals with (ie: you do one of theirs and they do one of yours as a trade), click on their profile and see what you can refer to them, and what they can refer to you. Then, send them a message. Something like, “Hello, would you have any interest in doing a referral exchange?"