Trafficmonsoon what is it, how it works and can you earn legit?

I guess most of you heart about trafficmonsoon i will leave my reff code to it.
No this is not old
Here is how it works.

First screenshot:

On the left side is menu. In earnings daily you get 10 bonus links 25 sec ads. Each of those ads when you watch them get you 150 Shares (you can see it on top).
When you reach 500 shares, so after 4 days, you reached lvl 1.


Then you daily get 10 CASH links, you earn on lvl 1 every day 0.1$. And you also everyday no mather how much you earn has BONUS links as i wrote top.
So when you reach 1$ after 14 days, you buy shares. You can buy 1300 shares for 1$ (you can always pay in like a dollar to push you up but i was patient). In that 1300 shares you also have 120 site visits (whichever site you want it can be site to your refferal site).
So bassically thats the point.
BUT here is the catch. When you earn 1$ and start earning for every 1$ you make, you loose 1000 shares. So basically, when you earn you loose shares.
Good thing is whenever you buy them you get site visits, for example i bought and got 3 refs from 120 visits to my other site.
I got some calculations and here is how you can earn from it passive basicaly, because you lose like 5 mins dailly to watch ads BUT you need to be patient and if you can and have some extra money on side you can always put in couple of bucks just to boost.
When you reach lvl 5 for example. It needs couple of months but it can be done with refs and as i said maybe couple investmenst its faster but you dont have to ofcourse i will if i earn money on some other sites and invested here only 2$ for beg to push me.
Now lvl 5.
You 600.000 shares. You get every day 25$. BUT that is minus 25.000 shares. You buy shares ofc etc etc 1300 shares and 120 visits (which i like really much).
Montly you get 750$ IN SUM DAY BY DAY. So you need also to buy 750.000 shares to be always around 600.000 not to drop lvl.
750.000 shares is about 576 $.
So every month after you earn near 200$ passive. If you want to reinvest ofc you can more.
If anyone has something to add tell me.
And ofcourse, who registers share your ref code here.

Update: I bought some ads and i can see through analitics its paying. Not bad.
For 1$ you can buy 700 direct visits or you can buy 1300 shares and 120 direct visits (i preffer 2nd option but i need some ads for my instagram profile).

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Let everyone know if you are actually able to withdraw the $$$. Many times these schemes make it nearly impossible to actual withdraw the rewards… good luck :+1: :+1:

I wasnt trying because i keep investing in ads which pays of for me (you can ad ref code for example).
Wont withdraw probably in next month.
I mean when you watch basically this is some kind of a Ponzi scheme, but not every Ponzi is bad and it doesnt mean you cant earn money (on contrary).
So this works great for me you just need to be patient on beg to earn money for shares and ads. Or you can pay in couple of bucks (one-two) just to start with something its a lot easier.