Tymit Credit Card- Free £15 Referral Credit after making a £1 Spend- UK Only

Tymit have an excellent referral scheme in place where the referrer and the referee will be credited £15 on their Tymit credit card balance once a referee has joined up through a referral link entering the referral code when signing up, is approved for the Tymit credit card and makes the minimum £1 spend using their Tymit virtual credit card or physical card.

Tymit Credit Card is the first instant issue, instalment credit card in the UK.
It gives individuals the option to pay for purchases in instalments or pay off their balance at the end of the month in full. Individuals can see how much interest they will pay and can plan around this to decide when they want to pay off their balance.

A Soft credit check is performed during the application so if you are not approved it will not negatively impact your credit history.
If you are approved and accept Tymit’s terms and conditions then a hard check is carried out and credit reference agencies are notified.

Some Benefits of Tymit Credit Card include:-

  1. 0% on purchases spread over 3 months or less.
  2. No Fees on non-sterling transactions.
  3. Able to spread the cost of purchases according to what you can afford to pay that month.
  4. Free Cash ATM withdrawal worldwide up to £200 per month without incurring any fees and isn’t reported as a cash advance.

To be considered for a Tymit Credit Card you should be:- Aged 21 and over, Own a smartphone (iOS or Android), Have a UK Bank account and Live in the UK.

Instructions to get Free £15 Credit on Tymit Credit Card Account

1)Click on my Referral Link https://application.tymit.com/join/MICHAS5897 and it will take you to a screen where it will say “Get £15 in credit when you join Michael(Someone else’s first name if you use their referral link) on Tymit. It advises of the free gift and to use my promo code: MICHAS5897.

2)Click on Get the App and install the Tymit Credit Card App and click on Get started once App is installed and then Click on Start Application.

3)Enter your mobile number and you will be sent a code to verify your mobile number which you need to enter.

4)Fill out your personal details and when prompted make sure the Referral code of
MICHAS5897 is typed in that field. If you do not use this Referral Code you will not get the £15 Credit on account if you are approved and make the minimum £1 spend.

5)Verify I.D and take a Selfie.

6)Once you have passed verification and been approved for the Tymit Credit Card, use your virtual card details from the Tymit app to make a £1 spend. I found buying a £1 Amazon Voucher the most convenient option.Once you have completed the £1 spend using the payment method with your Tymit virtual card details on Amazon, you will be credited £15 on your Tymit Credit Account Balance and so will I on mine. You can also use the physical card to make the £1 spend but that takes time to arrive in the post whereas the virtual card you can use immediately once approved.

Once you have been approved for the Tymit Credit Card you can then refer new people to get the Tymit Credit Card to get yourself and the referee a Free £15 Credit on the Tymit Credit Card account once they are approved and make the minimum £1 spend with their virtual or physical card.