Up to £/$100 free shares with Trading212

Trading212 is a platform for trading and investing in Precious Metals, Stocks, ETFs and most recently Cryptocurrency.

The new referral scheme allows new users to sign up deposit £/$1 and receive 1 free share with a potential value of £/$100 maximum, you are then given your own referral link which will reward you a maximum of 5 times so a potential profit of £/$600 if you’re lucky.

In order to claim the share you must be a new user and do the following:

  1. Click a referral link.
  2. Create a Trading212 Invest Account.
  3. Deposit at least £/$1 into the account.
  4. Profit.

Referral link:


Once you earn the share, you may have to wait up to 3 days to sell it followed by 30 days to withdraw the money but for the time investment it’s more than worth your patience.

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Trading 212 has a popular referral scheme, that is turned on and off every couple of months. Share your own referral on the dedicated Trading212 referral profile here: https://referralcodes.com/shop/trading-212-referral-codes