Up to $110 Bonus from Spritz Finance (USA, ends 5/31)

Spritz Finance lets you easily use your crypto for everyday expenses. They currently offer a virtual debit card, crypto-wallet-to-bank transfer, bill payment using crypto and paying anyone to his/her bank using crypto.

Right now, if you sign up through my referral link and fund your Spritz virtual debit card with $50 or more with your crypto, this single action makes you eligible for their referral bonus ($50), AND their “May Debit Card Funding Promo” (another $50), so you’ll get $100 total! In addition, there is a $10 bonus promo for making your first bill payment.

Spritz accepts several kinds of crypto, but I recommend using MATIC (Polygon) because its transactions are dirt cheap (5-10 cents each time) and fast (seconds). Do use MATIC on Polygon Mainnet, NOT MATIC that’s ERC-20 on Ethereum chain (Learn more). I’ll be using MATIC throughout this guide, though you can use any supported crypto.

To Get $50 + $50 (ends 5/31):

  1. Sign up for Spritz Finance using my referral link: https://app.spritz.finance/signup?grsf=iytq7z
  2. Verify your identity to finish your account set up.
  3. If you don’t have a crypto wallet yet, set one up. I recommend Metamask, and you can follow this guide.
  4. From a crypto exchange, send at least $53 worth of MATIC (Polygon) to Metamask. Make sure you’re withdrawing to Polygon mainnet, NOT to Ethereum/ERC-20. You want to have extra room of $3+ in MATIC for paying transaction fees later and $1 extra when withdrawing your bonus credit. Make the send amount $63 in MATIC if you are going for the $10 bill-pay bonus as well. You can read my tips section for how to transfer your crypto the same day and saving $ on fees when sending your MATIC.
  5. Back on your Spritz page, press “Spend” to set up your Spritz virtual debit card.
  6. Click “Fund with Crypto” and connect your wallet (Metamask etc.). Select/switch to Polygon network at the top of the screen.
  7. Enter $50 or more for the funding amount. Remember, you’ll want to leave $3+ worth of MATIC in your wallet.
  8. Press “Fund with M” and confirm in your wallet to finalize your transaction.
  9. You’ll see $50 added to your “bonus credit” INSTANTLY!

To Get An Additional $10 Bonus:

  1. Within 7 days of signup, go to “Pay” at screen-top to begin a bill-pay.
  2. Add an account to pay. You can add a variety of bills including credit card and utility bills.
  3. Press “Pay with crypto”, connect your wallet and enter at least $10. The max matching bonus of $10 is added in the final amount.
  4. Press “Pay with M” and confirm to send the payment.

How To Withdraw/Use Your Bonus Credit:

You can use your bonus credit in one of the following ways:

  1. Top up your Spritz card to shop with it <— (CashApp works for now)
  2. “Off-ramp” payment (transferring crypto to your bank)
  3. Pay a bill
  4. Pay someone

Press “Apply” to apply your “reward balance”. Do note that you do have to add minimum of $1 in MATIC for one of these transaction.

Tips On Moving Your Crypto (MATIC etc.) To Your Wallet:

Coinbase is a great choice if you’re starting out with crypto because it’s easy to use. But using regular ACH bank transfer from your bank will force you to wait a few days until you can withdraw your crypto you buy on Coinbase. If you want to buy and withdraw crypto the same day, try this method:

  1. Buy bitcoin with debit card in Strike app (cheap fee)
  2. Send bitcoin to an exchange (cheap fee)
  3. Buy MATIC with bitcoin on exchange
  4. Send MATIC to Metamask

This page lists exchanges with low withdrawal fees for MATIC. Kraken and Crypto .com are good choices.

Spritz charges you nothing if your monthly total transaction is below $100. After that, you start to incur small fees. See Fee Table.

Spritz’ referral program is described here (clarification: funding Spritiz card IS a qualifying bill payment).

The May Debit Card Promo is described here.

USA only. There is no credit check.

Please feel free to DM me or email me at jinnaikousaka-at-gmail-dot-com to ask questions. I appreciate you using my referral link!

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