UTILITY POINT 25.00 Account Credit, INC Gas Only Switch

One of the cheapest Gas fixed rate tariffs, Competitive Electricity fixed rate tariff, those with Dual Fuel with Bulb/Octopus would save money just by switching out Gas

Comparison of Tariff charges for my postcode area
Bulb Variable Gas 20.44 per day 3.530 per kwh, Electricity 20.44 per day 13.430 kwh

Utility Point - Just Up 19 Wk49 Direct v3 Fixed 12 Months
Gas 11.55p per day 2.6460p per kWh, Electricity 12.11p per day 13.7569p per kWh

£25.00 account credit for any combination of switch Gas/Electricity only/both fuels if you use my code Turquoise1015267