Utility Warehouse £50 bill credit and up to £200 credit for you when you sign up

UW offer the cheapest energy in the UK with a variable tariff cheaper than the government’s Energy Price Guarantee.

UW just announced a refer a friend scheme, its awesome, so now on top of saving money. For every friend you refer, you get £50 credit and its unlimited. Get your energy free? How wonderful does that sound.

More importantly, you’ll save your friends money as they can get up to £200 bill credit. More info below.

All you need to do is use the referral link and sign up.


But the savings don’t stop there.

If you bundle three or more services altogether you’ll get a one-off Bill Busting £200 Boost on your bill.

Not ready to switch as many services to UW? You can still get a one-off £100 credit on your bill when you bundle two.

Waiting for your December bill? Do you know the £2500 cap is based on typical usage. If you use more energy your bill will be higher, use less will be lower. The direct debit is just a guide but importantly your unit rates and standing charges is where you save money.

UW customers are eligible for the warm house discount and government rebate. This is paid directly from the government to your energy account. You dnt need to worry if you switch supllier, which now takes 5 days automatically.

UW has bought its energy far in advance allowing it to pass savings on to you. They have won 3 Uswitch awards in 2022.


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“Baby it’s cold outside!” Dean Martin was also a big referral user :laughing: so make sure you share your Utility Warehouse referral on the dedicated page also: Utility Warehouse (UW) Referral Code & CashBack Page