We receive 50 EUR and earn 50 EUR for each invited friend

We receive 50 EUR and earn 50 EUR for each invited friend

Go to the link :point_down:

:point_up_2: presses the Register button

ЕмоWe create an account and confirm the suites :white_check_mark:

“We pass verification”

:point_up_2:Download application Gekkard

Link to Playmarket :point_down:

Link on the App Store :point_down:

:point_up_2:Tick and press the registration button

Click to start registration :point_up_2:

“Write your phone number.”

ЄмоFill in all the data in English :wink:

Press the ok button and continue :joy:

:point_up_2: Choose your country, write the number of your identification code and fill in other fields in English :wink:

We pass verification abroad and write all the data of the document

:point_up_2:Here we choose our country again and write the number of our identification (tax) code

:point_up_2:We put the appropriate ticks

Upload a photo of the document, your selfie and check :white_check_mark:

It will then write that your request is being processed. We wait for approximately two hours and go back to the application :thinking:

:point_up_2: Press the login button and enter through your phone number

We come up with a 4-digit pin code and enter this pin code again to confirm :joy:

You will then have your own offshore account.

Now we go to the site again on the link :point_down:

:point_up_2: Log in via your login and password via computer or laptop

Click on the Get a card button and there will be your code that you want to scan in the Gekkard application

:point_up_2:Go to the application, settings section, Gekkard Wallet and scan the code :wink:

:point_up_2:Next click on the top up button

NEnter the details of your card and top up the account for 51 euros

Next we go to the Gekkoin Wallet section

Click on the button to buy EURG and buy this coin for all the money :joy:

Now back to the site :point_down:

:point_up_2: Click on the new deposit and be sure to write this code in the Promo code section, without its bonus of 50 euros will not give :joy:

Code :point_down:


:point_up_2:After entering the code - be sure to click on Apply promo code :wink:

:point_up_2:Here we choose either Safe or Balanced strategy and click Next step and you will be given +50 euros for free and me +50 euros .

In addition, in 3 months you will be able to withdraw 120 euros if you put money on deposit in Safe strategy and 140 euros if you put money in Balanced strategy . Don’t put money on Dynamic strategy , because you will simply lose it.

:point_up_2: Also, if you made a deposit under my promo code, also email me, I will give you a bonus :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

RecommendI recommend you choose Safe strategy, 16/4, 90 days and any cryptocurrency, then you are guaranteed to get + 50 € and not lose your own funds :wink:

So , in the end we have the following:

1) We put 5 1 euros on deposit, and withdrew 120-200 euros on your card, depending on the type of deposit you choose.

2) Now you can copy your referral link, send it to your friends and earn 50 euros each time they register for your link and make a deposit by entering your promo code.

3) For each subsequent deposit your referral will pay you 5% of the deposit amount.

:point_up_2:Due to such manipulations, the Gekkard token will rise in price, and this will encourage new customers to buy their token in the long run and thus bring billions in wealth. They are now in fact spending money on advertising their bank, exchange and token, but then deduct all these funds dozens of times because almost everyone will know about their service and will accordingly put money on deposit, play on the exchange, buy cryptocurrency and so he.

So now is a good opportunity to make good money on it, especially since we know for sure that we are guaranteed to pay 50 euros at once, which we can withdraw immediately and also in 3 months we will withdraw 120-140 euros , which were previously deposited. But on some invitations you can earn at least 1000 euros :money_mouth_face:

:point_up_2: Today I was charged +50 euros

:point_up_2:In the application, click on the sell EURG button and write the amount you want to transfer from gecoin to the main balance in the application :wink:

:point_up_2: After that you can withdraw money, you can withdraw to your bank card via IBAN.