Webull - MINIMUM $34+ from website and I’ll send you $20+

If you sign up with my link for this stock site, once I get the referral bonus I’ll send you (Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, whatever you’d like) at least $20 (if not more, depending on how much of a referral bonus I get), plus you also get some free stocks when you sign up. I cashed mine out for about $40, but my wife got lucky and received over $100. The MINIMUM amount in free stocks you get is $34.

Must be USA based with a bank account and not a previous member on Webull. Must open an account and deposit $1.
I don’t get anything if you don’t deposit the $1. I get a notification when the bonus is approved. Please don’t waste my time if you won’t complete the process. I don’t send anything until it shows on my referrals page that it’s complete. If you scam me/don’t fully sign up, I’m out $20+. Worst case scenario for you is that I’m a lying jerk but you still get $34+ for signing up. Sorry for that but I’m tired of people lying about signing up for me.

There are no other fees, monthly or otherwise. Once you deposit your $1 and cash out your free stocks, you never have to worry about it again. No minimum required to cash out.


It’s about $55 you’d get between your sign up bonus & my contribution, unless you get luckier with the bonus.