Webull referral offer 3 free stocks

Use the link below to get 3 free stocks from Webull. Here’s the trick to get the extra two stocks. After signup of a new account through the link below deposit $100 after it has settled in you account do not invest it if you don’t want to you will receive the two additional stocks and then you are free to withdraw the $100 and kaboom three free stocks and you have your $100 back.


Feel free to message me and I will give you other links so you can do the same thing with other stock apps by depositing and then withdrawing your initial money.

This is an amazing referral scheme. Did you try RobinHood also?

Yes I have tried robinhood also. Here are a couple other stock apps I use that give out free stocks

Firstrade no deposit required have gotten Ford and nio for free stocks

Dough no deposit required have gotten BCS GFI AND CLF shares to name a few

TradeUP no deposit for first free stock deposit then withdraw like Webull and get a second higher value stock. They give you the cash equivalent to the stock you get so you are free to buy any stock. Mine have been in the $5-$10 also most of the time have competitions going on. I have made over $425 of free money I now have invested on there app through these.

Moomoo similar to webull after signup they have two tiers. Deposit $100 get a free stock. Deposit $1500 and get another higher value stock free. They give out stock cards that allow you to by multiple shares of a company up to the value of the stock card you win. I was able to buy 3 shares of Groupon with the last one I got.

SoFi invest get $50 in stocks for depositing $1000 plus they have been running a football signup promotion also that I got an additional bonus for doing.

Public. More of a social stock trading app they are another no deposit app

Robinhood like you said great app no deposit required.

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