Zilch-Free £15 off a Purchase(Up From £10)- UK Only

Zilch Free £15(1500 Points) up from £10 off Purchase which can be used to get a Free £15 Amazon Gift Card.UK only offer and must be 18 or over.

I used the 1500 Reward Points on Zilch which equates to £15 to get a £15 Amazon Gift Card but there are many places to use the Free £15 off Purchase.

Zilch is a Buy it Now Pay Later Virtual Card that has been designed to be used in shops that accept Mastercard as a payment. Zilch is currently accepted at over 5000 online stores in the UK where Zilch can be used to make a payment where the total payment can be split into 4 equal payments over 6 weeks interest free.

To get the Free 1500 points on Zilch- ie Free £15 which can be used to make a purchase through Zilch, Please Follow The Below Instructions.

Sign up using my link

and enter your details otherwise you won’t get the 1500 Reward Points on Zilch. You will be asked to verify your phone number and you will need to verify your email address.

When you are assigned your Free Virtual Card Number for Zilch you will need to link a Debit Card.

In order to use the 1500 Reward points on Zilch browse the store and click on Amazon if you want to buy an Amazon £15 Gift Card. It is essential that when you click on Amazon through the Zilch Site, Make sure you Slide on the Bottom Rewards and make sure you press enable at the bottom.

Only make your purchase on Amazon during the 2 hours you have enabled. It will then take you through to the Amazon UK site.

Use Zilch Card details for payment method on Amazon then make purchase on Amazon.

Referrer gets £15 when new person makes a purchase but getting £15 Amazon Voucher counts as a Purchase which new person using referral link can get for Free.

Any questions please ask.